life in chapters

yOU ARE seen. YOU ARE heard. YOU ARE honored.

Hello Storyteller, welcome to the shitstorm of my life!

I was sexually abused by the kindly neighbor for years. I spent twenty-two years in a marriage to a

narcissist whose communication style of gaslighting and mental and emotional abuse shaped who I was

from sixteen to forty-seven. My mother's death was so prolonged and was so excruciating that one night I tried to smother her with a pillow. Eighteen years later my dad died, in my arms,

drowning in his own juices from smoking two packs a day for sixty years Chaos.


I have done things I still can't write about in my loud voice but one day, I will.

I've kept my sanity and THRIVED because I write my stories and now.... I'm sharing them with you.

Our Story is a safe space for writing and reading life stories - yours, mine, ours. We created this community for all of us to have a place where we can come together anytime from anywhere,

and find common ground in our unique experiences.


I hope you find what I have here and choose to stay, pick a story and start the Our Story.

Journey for yourself.




Executive Director and Rabid Storyteller.

Our Story is a safe place for Storytellers to share chapters of their lives. We build relationships and promote healing through storytelling and giving. We invest in people, projects, and organizations that support Storytellers in their communities.

The Our Story's mission is to offer crisis funding for individuals and families and community story stelling space.


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