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Dear Storyteller,


Welcome to OurStory - a place for us to be honest and vulnerable about our experiences. I'm here to walk with you, to share my truths, as you share yours. Writing has always been my balm and catharsis. A place where I could both hide from my reality and become my most audacious self. I am a sucker for polarity, curiously digging ever deeper into what makes me tick.


I've got diaries going back to my preteen days. You know the kind with the padded floral cover and the tiny lock and key? Yeah, I was that kid.


Re-reading the inner life of my child self now, I see how fragile, alone, scared, and just surviving the moment I was. I also see how connecting to my experiences through writing gave me a place to be 'safe' with my emotions.


Writing was the only place I could talk about what was going on. It must have grounded me, even a little, at a time in my life where family chaos, sexual abuse, adult drug use, and emotional abandonment were totally normal.


My life is not chaotic today and the scars of that little girl are cared for now by me with love and constancy. I know well the impact of storytelling - how healing and revealing it is. OurStory is my work and it is deeply personal.


OurStory fulfills my desire to create space for everyone, everywhere to tell their stories, to heal and share, and to celebrate together because even though we've never met, our experiences connect us. I hope you will use this platform to explore and share.


Your story is important. If you want to share... I'd love to hear it.



Sarah Abrams

Executive Director

Our Story is a safe place for Storytellers to share chapters of their lives. We build relationships and promote healing through storytelling and giving. We invest in people, projects, and organizations that support Storytellers in their communities.

The Starfish Connection mission is dedicated to building thriving communities by empowering individuals and fostering connection through crisis funding and community storytelling.


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