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Art, in any modality, is storytelling.

Storytelling is a powerful tool for self-reflection, self-healing, purging, and discovering.

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't

say any other way - things I had no words for.'

- Georgia O'Keefe


I am a figurative artist based in Santa Barbara - Ventura County, California, who focuses on the female form. I create my paintings in layers and over time using multiple mediums: paper mache, spray paints, watercolor, and charcoal.


Each Painting is created with love and intention, whether conscious or not. My current exhibition of work, missing parts, has been a culmination of personal transformations both emotionally and physically over the fast few years. Sharing a visual experience of trauma, pregnancy, birth and new life most of which happened during the infamous pandemic. These pieces truly are deep to my heart

Featured Artist

Marylee Guerrero

Entrepreneur, tattoo artist, queer they/them.

Because tattooing is an energy exchange, Marylee's number one priority is to ensure their own energy stays golden so that they can provide a positive and healing experience for their clients. They practice meditation and yoga every morning, and self healing Reiki every night. They specialize in black and grey realism as well as fine line. Marylee has been drawing since they were 4, and have been tattooing for 10 years.


Robin Goldstien

Meet Chef Robin - A California chef whose memorable meals range from lively brunches to intimate private dinners in your own home or vacation rental.

Chef Robin and team of chefs provide delicious experiences with a rustic Mediterranean style.

Her food-loving beginnings in family restaurants in Washington, D.C. sparked her lifelong passion for cooking. She went on to study classic techniques at the acclaimed Culinary Institute of America in New York, then moved to Los Angeles in 1984 and has followed her cooking path here in California for 35+ years. Through her travels and living abroad, she has fine tuned her California-Mediterranean cooking style, with an emphasis on spice and flavor.

The author and food stylist of four local cookbooks celebrating fresh, seasonal California-Mediterranean cuisine, and creator of her signature line of condiments and salt blends, Chef Robin is a sought after private chef, food stylist, cooking instructor, and contributor for print and visual media. Surrounded by nature and the scenic beauty of the local mountains, Chef Robin lives contently in an oak-shaded neighborhood in the famed Ojai Valley.


Featured Artist

Isis Casteneda

Meet Isis, she works alongside you, as your no-BS friend, together, we create healthy boundaries and meaningful relationships while transcending your perception of self.


Isis provides coaching services that help with fear, mental health challenges (anxiety +), boundaries, emotions, co-dependency, identity, and connection.

Creating a world where people feel connected, inclusive, transformative & free..


Paul Schaffer

Dr. Paul Schaffer has 40 years of experience caring for all ages and stages of health in the Santa Barbara Area.

He specializes in innovative, gentle treatments, especially B.E.S.T. non-force methods. Dr. Schaffer is renowned for his intuitive, caring approach to improving whole-body function. Dr. Schaffer is very skilled and graceful if bone-moving chiropractic styles are indicated.

Featured Artist

Nancy Shobe

Nancy is known as The spirited filly,

A powerhouse international author, spiritual medium, and public speaker
Nancy has professional training in M.A. in Psychology - at Antioch University,B.A. in Communication Arts & Sciences - Michigan State University,Yoga Therapist RYT500 , Reiki II Practitioner


Rachel Hunter

my passion & joy was in creating food and recipe development. I began working in kitchens around Santa Barbara, garnering the skills and experience necessary to ultimately get to this point now.

I am now a private chef and recipe developer and am beyond thrilled to be sharing my passion for local food and sustainable eating habits through my recipes.

Featured Artist

Danielle Elese

Danielle Elese is a sound healing therapist, spiritual hypnotherapist & Reiki Master. Danielle helps awaken the inner healer that is within each of us, empowering the community to own their individual healing journey,



Carly Miles

Carly is born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, She has a great passion for what she does and she treats all of her clients like family. She has over 8 years of experience in the industry and practices in a peaceful, private studio. She is a certified in all styles of full-face cosmetic tattooing (eyebrows, eyeliner, freckles, and lips), as well as saline tattoo removal, 3D areola restoration, scalp micro pigmentation, skin needling, scar revision, and an advanced certification in microblading She has received from training with Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup Specialist, Daria Chuprys.

Featured Artist

Courtney Frazier


Courtney is a cannabis consultant in Santa Barbara, CA.



Chanelle is a hairstylist in Santa Barbara. specialist in curly hair methods. Chanelle believes in enhancing your natural beauty.

Featured Artist

Nalaya Healing


Willa Kveta and Nalaya Healing were created from passion and directly transmitted from Willa's heart to this world.

She believes we are all meant to share our gifts, and she is very fortunate to be here sharing hers.



Maia - a potter, photographer, and creative based out of Santa Barbara, CA.


She has been creating with clay & capturing with cameras since 2015.


Inspired by movement and fluidity, She finds this through hand-built form creation & wheel-thrown functional vessels.


She loves to capture humans and nature ~ when a moment in life becomes art. With a passion for art & fashion ~ She offers lookbook and lifestyle photo diaries.


papaiya.co is for slowing down, finding peace and gratitude in the everyday ~ for slower sips & more mindful means.


Maia has an Associate of the Arts in Merchandise Marketing from FIDM. She is a certified 200 RYT in Vinyasa yoga from Lakshmi Rising.

Featured Artist

Baret Boisson is a self-taught painter who is best known for portraits that capture the authentic character of her subjects. Her paintings portray a wide range of people, from historic icons to present day luminaries to private individuals who are out of the public eye. She combines an optimistic, vibrant palette, witty use of text and the aesthetics of folk art to create artworks that exuberantly declare her belief in a better tomorrow.


The artist also has an abstract painting practice in which she explores the freedom that nonrepresentational work allows. The abstract paintings retain the exuberance of the portraits while elevating color and form to the role of principal subjects.