When I was a kid, I wished for good luck most of the time. I mean this in a few ways: I would wish for my parents to magically say yes to everything, wish for good luck to win in any type of game, wish to have the best most perfect day that ever existed, or I would wish for good luck as in I would hope to wake up one morning and find out my best friend was actually my sibling. 

Then as I got a little bit older, I would start to wish that I could comfortably ‘come out of the closet’ to my friends and family, and wish that my parents would accept me for who I am once I came out to them. 

I am so lucky to have accepting, loving, and supportive parents, and honestly most of the things I have wished for since embracing my true identity have come true. 

I always wished to be in the body that felt right to me, and for years I had yearned to undergo top surgery and to start hormone replacement therapy and I am fortunate enough and privileged to say those wishes of mine have come true. 

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