Update On Trans Related Health Care

A bit has changed since the last time I wrote about my journey finding homeostasis through consistent hormone replacement therapy (hrt).

In the last post, I had just changed over to Rite Aid. I found later that as important as it is to be called by my name and correct pronouns, the pharmacies that I acquire my hrt from can’t do much else to help my situation- it lies in the hands of the primary physician. 

I don’t go to the neighborhood clinic I was at before, now I get my prescription from Planned Parenthood. It’s a little different because when I go there will be a new doctor helping me out instead of one consistent one, but that’s okay with me because so far they’ve all been respectful, nice, and even funny. And they always call me by my name and correct pronouns. Hooray for validation! 

I was overjoyed when I left PP and immediately got a text from the pharmacy that my script was ready for pick up. Not only that, but they gave me three months of medication: T, shots, and syringes. 

In comparison, at the clinic they would give me 2 needles and 2 syringes at a time, and one vile of Testosterone (this is two weeks / two weeks worth). 

This has been the first time since my medical transition (three years) that I haven’t been late on my shot because of outside forces.

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