In the beginning of my life, Truth was not really valued. I was taught to “always to tell the Truth”, but, I did not really have the modeling to back it up. I remember being in my Truth felt good, but when I felt shame, truth was shoved aside. Buried. 

Our Story was conceived because John and I wanted to tell our individual stories and be heard and honored. We, as Us, told each other every detail of our lives. Good, bad, and the shameful. We gave each other full acceptance, which translated into deeper and purer love.  We decided we wanted to provide a safe space for whomever wanted to share his/her/them/they/their story. Take total ownership over everything that has shaped us to who we are today. 

This is what we want for every person. To be Seen. To be Heard. To be Honored. 

Truth. Writing My Story sets me free. I want that for you. 

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