Reunited // Butterflies

I had butterflies inside as I pulled in

I think I was shaking, actually…




Thumping in my chest

Echoing through my body.

I felt thoughts rush through my mind as I made my way. So quickly I couldn’t process.

Then, there were no thoughts. Just my feet. Walking.

Step by step

A deep breath.

I dove off

Simply, a hello.

No pause, no hesitation. A loving embrace.

I was part of it and I was also watching it from above

Floating outside of my body.

Her hug. Her voice. 

Warm and comforting. Familiar. 

The past was there but it was fleeting, gone in less than a moment.

We wiped it clean

Immediate ease.

What mattered was now. What was real was now.

Love swirled around us like invisible dust in a storm in the desert.

Our bond. Light. Love. Healed.


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