My Own Tradition

I was raised Jewish and went to Hebrew School for most of my life so the traditions I celebrate don’t seem unusual to me- we used to eat matzo ball soup on Friday’s for Shabbat dinner, Rosh Hashanah for the new year, Passover, Purim, I could keep going on and on! My family celebrated Hanukkah throughout the years and now we still light the candles when it comes around. Although I had celebrated all these religious traditions while growing up, I’ve noticed as I transition into my adulthood the traditions I’m observing are much more… reform. 

Every year on Trans Day of Visibility it is tradition to light a candle in respect for trans people we have lost in the last year; I have been taking part in this tradition since I came out and found out it was something that happens. 

On a brighter note, another tradition I partake in is Pride! I love the coming together of a chosen family and celebrating life, love, being seen, and being heard. I have been celebrating Pride month since I started high school! Both of these traditions only come around so often though, but every Sunday at Wildcat there is a drag show and I’m going to make THAT a tradition in my life!

Growing up with traditions has made me realize how important and necessary it is to make something about your identity a tradition and to have it be celebrated- and often! 

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