Monster Teacher

I don’t hate you. Shocking, I know, but I don’t.

It turns out the horrors you put me through were also some of my greatest teachers.

Because of you I protected my daughters from monsters like you.
They are women that were never violated as girls.

Because of you I am a survivor.
I leverage my knowing and healing to help others.

Because of you I know what I am capable of.
Nothing seems too hard after my healing journey.

Because of you my felt sense is acute.
I see, know, feel, things others do not and I can act.

Because of you I am a protector and a light in the dark.

Because of you I will never be silent.

Because of you l will always, always use my voice for truth.

The woman I am today is the alchemy of who I was then and who I am becoming along the way. Today I am a light warrior, using my words to illuminate abuse. I use my stories to show others it’s okay to use their voice and tell theirs too.

Because of you I am an ally.
Telling my story is an act of courage, reclamation, and healing.

I can’t hate you. I love me today. I love me. I can’t hate you because even though I wish you had never happened to me, you did. Deciding how to live with what you did is my choice.

I choose the lessons, the courage, the growth, and the fierceness.

I choose me.

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