Living with the molestor

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Family is suppose to protect you.

Thats what I was told when I was a kid

But it was not like that

I was little, I was not taught the difference between good and bad touch

You were suppose to be my best friend

You turn out to be my worst nightmare

But you were family, how could it be? 

No, I said. I was little. I was wrong. I’m sure it was a dream.

Family does not do that.

So, I buried them under the soil.

But as I grew old, the more it came to surface

How could it be, I said, How?

You were family, I denied it again.

Until one day, I saw you almost naked.

And the memories came in waves and then I drowned 

I still live with you. How could it be?

You were family.

No I am wrong, 

You were family, but now you are an object that I don’t know how to deal with. 


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