I came out not once but TWICE!

I came out not once, but TWICE!⁠

The first time I came out, I was 15 years old. I blasted it on a website where anyone could ask questions anonymously or not; I figured I might as well make it in one swift motion so I wouldn’t have to tell people all the time and they wouldn’t have to question me- it was undeniably on my profile. The only part I neglected to do after quietly posting the initial “shocker” online was telling my parents.. ⁠

“Luckily”, one of the cis het males of my graduating class told his mom, who just so happened to be close friends with my mom, who then emailed my mom a link to all the answers on my profile. So, freshman me was getting picked up from school one day and that’s when I was asked, “is there something you need to tell me?”⁠

This story in particular has stayed as conserved in my memory as a Van Gogh. I am lucky to have it, I learned from it, and the second time I came out, my family was the first to know.. then the world later, but only after I took the lead narrative. ⁠

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