Beauty of Sadness and Depression


They say do not let sadness get to you 

So where do you put it?

What do you do of it ?

How do you hide it ?

How do you deal with it?

How do you avoid it?

Truth is you can’t really avoid sadness 

When it arrives; it arrives 

You can’t push away something that was meant to come your way 

It’s going to be a part of you just like a phase 

So what do you do ?

You deal with it. 

Embrace it. 

Feel it. 

Let it break you. 

Let it tear you apart. 

Let it rip you apart. 
And once it’s done 

You’ll Know it was only being your friend 

It was only ripping off pieces that Hurt you the most 

It was only ripping off memories that haunt you like a Ghost 

It was only ripping off Parts that Killed you the Most. 

And then you’ll Know; The Beauty of Sadness. 

It Arrives trying it make space for you for better things. 

That’s the After math of sadness. 

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