Abundant Anxiety

I want to feel sexual and beautiful instead of staring in the mirror and picking at my pimples and squeezing my fat. Maybe it really is just that toxic perfectionism… BUT how do I stop it? 

I desire the big house on the hill…. but will that make me happy?

To own a company – a thriving and artistic design and marketing agency that creates ART and helps human beings fulfill their dreams… but will the work and responsibility be too stressful?

I want to be in a love-filled marriage that last a long time…. but what if I fall out of love? What if I am not meant to love only one person forever?

I want to be a loving and compassionate mother…. but what if I am just not?

How do I find abundance now? I am ready to live without this anxiety.

Anxiety… she clouds my abundance.. i can’t see it.

Is it anxiety? or something much worse? Why aren’t the cbd gummies and therapy and meditation and all this shit enough???

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